Summary of ElvesEdit

Elves are the only indigenous and sapient species that dwell on Kasalia. Their name in their own language is Meric, and the first elves were known as the Demameric; an insidious offspring of the Demon Demast. When Demast was destroyed, the Demameric were left to their own devices and after two centuries, their race had become divided into the Almeric and the Demameric. The Demameric believed that to forward themselves, they had to integrate with the recently arrived Humans and Dwarves, while the Almeric believed that for the Elvish race to live on, the Humans and Dwarves had to be destroyed.

First SeparationEdit

The First Separation was during the time when the Demameric and Almeric waged war on each other - the outcome would decide the fate of the Humans and Dwarves. The Demameric were at a disadvantage throughout the war - the Almeric were younger, stronger, more wilful and more numerous. The First Separation came to a climactic conclusion at the Siege of Desia - where the Almeric forces stormed the Demameric stronghold and slaughtered the Demameric Elves within.

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