Horn of Gilgamesh SummaryEdit

The Horn of Gilgamesh is so named because of its resemblence to a horn, as well as it being under the control of the Empire of Gilgamesh. It is all desert, except for the coastlines, which usually have grass and trees growing.

Indigenous SpeciesEdit

The Gilgameshian Wurm is only found in the Horn of Gilgamesh region. The Horn is also one of two regions where one would be able to find Djinn; the other being the Neforti Sands.


The Horn of Gilgamesh is the southermost part of the Empire of Gilgamesh and thus comes under the Empire's jurisdiction. However, it is a generally neglected region, and only has one Gilgameshian city; that of Rasheer, which is located on the tip of the Horn.

Several gangs of bandits are known to operate on the Horn, and "Sand Tiger" pirates have their base on the south-eastern coast of the Horn.

Places of NoteEdit

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